Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Season 1.7. Intro to Penciling 2

From September 2013 to September 2014 Jon produced The Djinn Jihad, a 194 page graphic novel in under a year from pitching the story to Post Mortem Press to it being published by them. He documented the seemingly Jacobian task.
In this companion episode to Intro to Penciling Jon inks the page you just watched him pencil using his super speed powers. Watch his explode ink from his veins and mind onto these classic frames of The Djinn Jihad The Archangel Metatron vs The Djinn!
The song set to this furious inking is the instrumental version of a song called Red Horse Rising written and performed by X-Proph3t. This kick ass song is written about Jon, his comics, the Red Horse Radio podcast and Indie Pro-wrestling. Check out the version with vocals on their Reverbnation page. 
The Djinn Jihad

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