Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Season 1.9. Intro to Inking 1

From September 2013 to September 2014 Jon produced The Djinn Jihad, a 194 page graphic novel in under a year from pitching the story to Post Mortem Press to it being published by them. He documented the seemingly Jacobian task.
 Jon takes a step back and talks about his inking weapons and inking technique a little. NOT TOO much, just a little.
The most important part: TAPE UP for safety!
1. Sharpies
2. Micron Pens
3. Brief discussion of line weight
4. White outs
5. Athletic Tape / First aid tape
6. How to carry all of your shit around (find a Combat Lifesaver Bag)
Chit chat and technique:
1. Jon Explains his camera rig.
2. Jon drops a bomb regarding one of his speed secrets allowing him to produce over 200 pages a year. It's all a risk decision.
3. be mindful and strategize about your POV; close up, mid, long range
4. Use the technique of guys you look up to, while developing your own style.
5. Put your gawd dammed phone down!
6. Building a rhythm with your line weights
7. A hint about the code of the frames.

The Djinn Jihad

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