Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eljay's Speaking Engaement

On August 6th Eljay’s Used Books had me come out to do a talk about my work. It was in association with my friends at Horror Realms who is doing a program this summer there with local horror writers. I was very honored to be involved.  

I took the opportunity to get some custom art box sets together for The Order of the Shining Hexagon book. I did six all together. This on is called “Closing time” and it is Cyrus the Dead Guy and Jonny Axx at a bar. Although this is not depicted in the book, it is known that they two guys know each other and like each other. So I am telling you the cannon of picture is absolutely undisputed. This event has taken place in the world of The New Apocrypha at least once.

I did an original art a lot like this for the book release party. And it was the first one to go at the Eljay’s event. There is just something about Cyrus in his tux and a martini hanging out with Emma The Ghost.  

On the right is another original art re-tred it is Cyrus in Triploi. And on the left it is the core members of the Nonstandard Assembly.

On the right, is some of the characters that make up The Anti-Assembly. And on the right it is the Nonstandard Squad, or the WW2 version of the Assembly.

I took a few of all my book and before I got there I understand that there was a concerned customer complaining about The Djinn Jihad book, she didn’t read it she just didn’t like that it had the word “Jihad” in it. The Eljay’s folks invited her back for my talk so she could confront me, but sadly she never showed up.

I really had fun at this event, and it was great to have the turn out I had. I include this picture just because it looks like I am a pretentious author talking about something totally important… or it looks like I am eating an invisible cheeseburger.

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