Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jonny Axx wrestling T-Shirt 001

I had an idea for a wrestling shirt. I wanted to come up with a graphic that looked like an Army Unit patch. My favorite is the 1st Armored division so I kind of started there.

No matter what I did with the Axe and the lighting bolt it looked like a fire dept patch or something to me. So I started messing around with like a coat of arms idea.

 I sometimes use my cabinet to sort of sketch out ideas and stuff. Here is me trying to explain my ideas pros/cons to Laurie.

 I still can’t get it right, I really struggled with this project.

 Trying to loose the fire dept vibe I expanded the lighting bolt and made it part of the background, and instead of the axe I started goofing around with this winged boot.

I always like boots and wings so I sort of settled in on this idea and started working it up.

 I could have done the whole thing on the computer, but I didn’t want a slick over produced sort of look to it. So of course I am going to draw it the old fashioned way.

Here wer are just before it gets zapped into the computer.

Here is the color, I am proud to say it doesn't look anything like a fire dept patch now.

 And here is the finished project. I thought the coat of arms idea was an interesting tangent and might be revisiting it for the next shirt.

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