Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kicking a Reeeeealllllly Tall Guy in the Head!

Okay this is a lot tougher than I make it look so I will talk you though it. I just shot off the ropes and delivered a flying fore arm… or ”the flying burrito”  as it is known, you can tell the difference because when you deliver a burrito you yell “Ariiiba!” any how since I am hand to hand fighting King Kong he is only sort of stunned. I am making my way to my feet.

The burrito would be enough for most mortal men, but since I am fighting Big Foot I have to continue to tenderize his face.

knuckle sammich...

extra mayo!

My weight slightly shifts to my back leg because I am putting all my mojo into it. Also a hippy wanders into frame eating his own hand. And the ref seems to be intentionally blowing the camera angle.

Jack Massacre is stunned and has no idea what is about to hit him. And the ref is giving me a little breathing room here. I start to raise my mojo filled rocket leg.

…And this is poetry in motion. A totally airborne toothandectomy.

You can almost see his consciousness floating above his brain knocked out of his head by me and my sacred boots.

I know that sasquatches have an incredible healing factor, so I know that I must capitalize as soon as possible and prepare to make a pin attempt as soon as he “timbers!” to the ground.

Note the tight forearm on the neck in this pin. This is how it is done! Anyhow, in all honesty I loved working Jack Massacre and we had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends and we both picked up a new place to call home away from home. You can see the whole thing here: Massacre vs Axx1

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