Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Samhain: Night Feast Cover

One of my “off season” projects was to do a comic adaptation of Johnny Daggers first Short film Samhain: Night Feast.
It is a fun movie and some parts of the adaptation I did basically shot for shot copying camera angels and huge (if not whole) swaths of dialog right from the film.

I thought the cover was really effective and wanted to keep it basically the same. So I started with an illustration of the main elements.

I scanned in the cover and actually sampled the color right off the cover. To sort of give it the same feel.

The main departure I took from the established cover was with the pumpkin. I saw a pretty big opportunity to do a little special effect.

I filled in the big gaps in the Jack O’lantern with white and did a little blur to make it a glow. I think that was pretty effective.

Again I sampled the colors right off the cover. Instead of the redsky / tree branch background I broke it up with doing a red sky sor of thing. This has been in my motif lately.

Here is the art straight on through. Now I need to place typography and all the logos.

I got the Daggervision logo and the title block from the movie studio. I really like them. I placed a generic little Stigmata studios logo up there and called it a day.

The next day I felt that I should do something special with the Stigmata Studios logo so I sort of went back to the drawing board.

Maybe one day I will do a Stigmataverse blog on the sideways E logo. However it won’t be this one… So this is the idea I stuck with. I might actually re-use this for the WZWA books. I am still not sure.

Here is the finished cover. I am very happy with it.

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