Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Chix of the Apocalypse

This is the failed concept from last year’s 24 hour comic challenge. I say failed only because I haven’t finished it yet. My idea was for a promo piece for my upcoming book TNA: Brigade. The idea is a calendar like Girls from Ridge Tool or something like that. But this is Chix From The Apocalypse. It’s like the chix of the new apocrypha pin up book.

Here is Gretchen Cooper. I would never dress her like this in a story proper. But I in a one off promo item I do not mind doing it. The boots and the gym socks are funny to me. Behind her is a group shot of the TNA on the book. From right to left: Huck, Talos, Shin, Traveler, Lift-o, ghost, dr. Soanso, and Norbert the RC zombie.

This is Agnes The Assassin in the frames there is the city of the hidden Nephilim; Magog, the demonic white suits, and a few member of The False Assembly.

This is the archangel Gabriel with The Archangels, the council of the cherubim, The Seraphim, and the angelic army.

This is the demon lordes Jahi alonmg with the Marching Hoard, The Order of the Shining Hexagon and the Army of Abracax.

Here is a poster girl for the Millennial Army, with Pittsburgh, Doctor Foster and The Cleft.

The Battle Nun with The Crimson Pope and the Crusaders.

The last one I have “completed is The Zombie cick with some cientists and test subject zombies.

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