Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Devil's Playground DVD Cover

Mike Smith from Smitten Productions got a hold of me to do a cover for his short horror film called The Devil’s Playground. The first thing I did was to view the film.
Mike really wanted an old grind house poster or an old exploitation film poster feel to it. So I went and got some iconic images from the movie. I did a lot of research on old posters to look for layouts and ideas.  

 Those old posters were all about sex and violence. So it was right up my alley.  Here is the rough I did. In the film this guy gets knifed in the mouth so I used that as the main image for the cover.
 I used this feeding chick zombie from the film as one of the three smaller components. The main character walks into the film as a loner on these train tracks and at the climax he is running through this hallway. So I used these two images as well. The only problem is I have the tracks and the hallway flipped around. So in the final I knew I would have to change it around. I sent the rough to Mike to see what he thought. He liked it and gave me the big old green light to continue.
 A few years ago I built a light box. I found the lightbox in my studio however it didn’t have the glass. I do not know what happened to it. Instead of re-penciling I was really looking forward to using the lightbox. So I took this piece of plastic and a light bulb and combat engineered my way of re-pencilling.
 Here is a detail of the tracks and the crawling zombie chick.
 Here is the inks of the whole cover.
 I scanned it in and adjusted the balance to darken the ink. Another thing with those old posters is the black and white with a splash of the other color. I used this blood red splash of color.

 Here it is with Mike’s typography. It was a fun project.

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