Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Stuffed Assembly 1

I have an event coming up. It is a book release party for my latest book The Order of the Shining Hexagon. To go along with the party I wanted to have some unique items as contest prizes. I decided to make a version of my team The Nonstandard Assembly as stuffed little guys. I enlisted the help of Laurie who is awesome at this sort of stuff... and everything else. I chose four of my characters.

I, of course chose Stitch who is my oldest and still one of my favorite characters, He can be seen here beating this lucha to death with a truck door. This was from TNA 2.

In TNA 1 there was a large soulful stone golem named Boaz. 
 In TNA 3 and the beginning of The Djinn Jihad there was a classic character named Constituent Zero. Here is is blasting holes in people John Wu style.
 And Finally A long time TNA mainstay Sgt. Layne McCord the famed war-bot! Here he is perforating some cult members in TNA 1.

I did some really basic sketches of the boys. The things you absolutely need on a stuffed version of each character.
 Boaz is pretty easy. He is a large hunk of stone with some Hebrew writing on him.
 I chose the classic Zero as opposed to the militarized outfit from the Jihad book. I guess I did that out of respect since he died in that book. It was sort of his last stand.
 Layne McCord! What I can I say he is like the personality of Mr. Clever trapped in the body of a walking tank.
 I can’t believe how cute Stitch is. These are the patterns Laurie whipped up to work on the dolls.
 Again... he is just a slab of rock. How complicated did you want us to make him?
 After seeing these I thought about doing a little children’s book with them.
 We needed to do a last minute arm length adjustment so the black arms is just us fudging in the new size.
 The last step in the pre-production phase of this project was to go shopping for material…

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