Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wedding Invites

So I know that this is The Stigmataverse which is my production blog, but you guys have to check this out. My lady did these wedding invites and they turned out great. They wanted to use paper that had plant seeds infused in it and they found some of that paper, however it was too expensive. So she decided she was going to make her own paper. Seriously this is how she is… it’s awesome. So our house became a huge paper laboratory for a while she was working on the formula. 

I will start our story here at the sludge / pulp stage. That gunk down there has the seeds in it as well as the rest of her mixture.

She used these picture frames and built these screens, you dunk the screens in that sludge stuff and do “a lift” which is exactly what it sounds like. As the water runs through the screen collects all the pulp including the seeds.

She uses this edging tool to clean up the edges.

Here is a piece while it is drying. She has a whole process to press it with books between felt. So there is like mountain ranges of these books all over the place.

Here everything is together.

The printed was done on 100% recycled paper, and it is tethered to the seed paper with hemp, the white page that mats the invite has a little passage there about how you can plant the invite and these wild flowers will grow.

Here it is a little closer up.

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