Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zombie Hoard

There are many ways to make a zombie hoard. You can make a deal with a white suited demon lord, you could call upon the unspeakable gods and their ancient powers of darkness and chaos, you could engineer some sort of bio-weapon. Today we are going to just draw a zombie hoard. Maybe if you bought me a few drinks I could talk a little more about the above options.

These pages are leading up to the climax of the Samhien Night Feat comic adaptation I am doing for Daggervision. You can sort of see the bottom half of the two guys driving in the frame about the reveal of the hoard of flesh eating undead basterds.   
 The zombie at far screen left looks like Wolverine. And the one far screen right has a devil lock.
 Here are some details, this would kind of be the thriller dance section where they are all like shambling up to the victims… or their dinner.
 I was going to try to use the likenesses of the zombies from the actual movie, but that proved really difficult. And some of the earlier pages are like shot for shot recreations I thought I could get a little creative here.

The guy with the hat was some archeologist on some discovery show I was watching, an the guy in the middle is “Smart” from that travel commercial where he has to train his co-worker to wait.
 Close up of the devil-lock zombie.
 He is an emo zombie with a Spock hair cut.

The guy behind him sort has Larry from the 3 stooges hair.
 More of a classic non-gimmick zombie. However I feel that if you do not have a gimmick, that is you gimmick.
 Bald-head big beard biker zombie. The key to a hoard is waves. You should have as many waves of rows as possible.
 That zombie has Churchill’s top hat.
 Here is the whole frame.
 The next frame will be a more detailed close up of the other side starting with the Wolverine dude. He is the best at what he does… and what he does is gross.
 There is a zombie Jesus back there.
 Here it is done.
 Here is the Caddy getting attacked!

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